200MW Elliot solar project to be constructed in Northern Indiana

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Capital Dynamics and Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO) are collaborating to construct a 200 MW solar plant, the Elliot Solar project, in Northern Indiana. The two companies have signed a build transfer agreement for the Elliot Solar project that will enable Capital Dynamics to construct the project and NIPSCO will enter into a joint venture once construction is complete. The Elliot Solar project is going to be constructed in Gibson County, Indiana and will begin commercial operations in 2023. Construction is expected to begin next year. Elliot Solar adds to NIPSCO’s two operating wind farms as well as 11 renewable energy projects previously announced as part of NiSource’s customer-centric “Your Energy, Your Future” initiative, which includes the generation transition plan at NIPSCO.

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The NIPSCO projects include a combination of similar joint ventures and power purchase agreements. The company plans to be coal-free by 2028, adding cleaner energy sources to its existing portfolio of natural gas and hydroelectric generation. NIPSCO’s industry-leading generation transition will deliver a more affordable, reliable and sustainable energy mix for NIPSCO customers for years to come, saving customers US$4 billion over the long term. NIPSCO has requested the addition of this new project to its supply portfolio in filings with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission.

“We are proud to partner with Capital Dynamics on another solar energy project in our home state,” said Mike Hooper, NIPSCO president. “The addition of Elliot Solar to NIPSCO’s portfolio is a major step in our transition to lower-cost, cleaner and reliable energy for our customers.” “Capital Dynamics is proud to further expand our presence in Indiana and contribute to the state’s ongoing energy transition,” said John Breckenridge, Head of Clean Energy Infrastructure at Capital Dynamics. “We applaud NIPSCO for its commitment to providing customers with sustainable energy solutions.”