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Dominion Energy to build nine new solar power projects in Virginia

Dominion Energy has launched an ambitious plan to develop nine new solar power projects in Virginia. The utility has already submitted a proposal for the projects that are expected to have a combined output of around 500 MW. The project is the latest move by the company to expand its clean energy portfolio in the state.

Of the nine solar power projects in Virginia, six will generate electricity through power purchase agreements (PPAs) and will be selected through a competitive solicitation process. The company said the collaborative approach will allow it to work with solar developers to help achieve the Virginia Clean Economy Act that intends to have a third of new onshore wind and solar be procured through PPAs by 2035.

Dominion Energy also acquired an additional three properties which are being developed in solar farms and expected to have a combined output of 82MW. These projects are Sycamore Solar, Norge Solar, and Grassfield Solar.

In a statement, Ed Baine, president of Dominion Energy Virginia said they have invested heavily in expanding their renewable energy portfolio such as wind and solar in the next 15 years. “We are focused on adding significant renewable energy resources, such as solar and wind, over the next 15 years while maintaining our commitment to excellent reliability,” said Ed.

The Virginia Clean Economy Act

The Virginia Clean Economy Act was signed into law in April this year and seeks to propel the state to achieve 100% zero-carbon emission by 2050. The passage of the law made Virginia the first state in the Southern U.S to commit to zero-carbon emission. In accordance with the new law, Dominion will also seek to be carbon-free by 2045 and will commit to closing all coal-fired plants.

In an integrated resource plan submitted in May, the utility is seeking to develop and procure 24GW of new renewable energy and storage capacity in the next 15 years.

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