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Hudson yards development in New York closed due to COVID-19

The Hudson Yards development in New York City has been closed indefinitely to curb the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in the city. The decision to close the retail portion of the nation’s largest private development came after cases of the dreaded virus were reported in the country.

Sections of the development that are closed include: The Vessel, a popular tourist attraction at the development; Edge, the newly opened observation deck at Hudson Yards and The Shed, an arts center where the High Line meets Hudson Yards.

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The Hudson Yards project

The Hudson Yards is a real estate development in the Chelsea and Hudson Yards neighborhoods of Manhattan, New York City. The project has been described as New York’s largest urban development since Rockefeller Center. It sits on a 28-acre site and is expected to create a new neighborhood of residential and office skyscrapers, schools, hospitals, retail spaces, parks, cultural venues, and public art.

Upon completion, 13 of the 16 planned structures on the West Side of Midtown South would sit on a platform built over the West Side Yard, a storage yard for Long Island Rail Road trains. The first of its two phases, opened in 2019, comprises a public green space and eight structures that contain residences, a hotel, office buildings, a mall, and a cultural facility.


  1. as i am hearing at 30 hudson yards on the 72nd 73rd floors there is a company from italy working on a specialty stair what happens when us union workers get back to work is it going to be safe for us to go back i dont think work should being done just wanted to know the safety end of it


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