US$65mn offered in bonds for K-7 Logistics LLC warehouse project, Kansas

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Shawnee City Council in Kansas has approved the city’s intent to issue bonds worth US$65 million for the K-7 Logistics LLC warehouse project. The logistics centre will be constructed between Monticello Road and K-7 Highway north of the 3&2 Baseball Complex. Block Real Estate Services will be responsible for the construction of the two offices/ warehouse buildings that will total 987,000 square feet. The Shawnee City Council a few days ago voted 7-0 to approve the city’s intent to issue bonds for the project. The city council’s approval comes after a recommendation a few weeks ago by the Shawnee Planning Commission to approve the rezoning item.

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A couple of neighboring residents and a real estate developer raised concerns about the K-7 Logistics LLC warehouse project, particularly that the commercial site will congest the surrounding area with truck traffic and bring light and noise pollution. Some residents said the project is not a good fit for the area, being so close to a youth basketball complex and a residential neighborhood. The developer is also responsible for several street improvements near the project, including removing the temporary turnaround on Monticello Terrace on the north side of the 3&2 Baseball Complex, connecting Monticello Terrace running north-south along the entirety of the property on the west side and any other street improvements related to a final site plan.

Curtis Holland with Polsinelli, a local law firm representing the developer, said they’ve adjusted the plans by relocating on of the buildings to the southern part of the development from the east and building a berm and “heavy” landscaping to create a buffer between the commercial site and the residential neighborhood. The lawyer added that the main improvements that should be done are adding a southbound right turn lane on Monticello Terrace at 83rd and a second left turn lane at the same intersection.