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New IU Health Frankfort Hospital to be opened in Indiana

The new IU Health Frankfort Hospital is set to be opened to the public. In an announcement, IU Health Frankfort president Kelly Braverman said residents of Clinton County will access healthcare services in a brand new state-of-the-art facility which is located at 1300 South Jackson and sits bright behind the original building.

“Our phone numbers are still the same and our email is still the same,” said Kelly. “The address is actually identical, we are still at 1300 South Jackson.”

The new IU Health Frankfort Hospital is currently undergoing final touches and finishing ahead of the official opening on November 9th. Construction of the hospital was launched in May 2019. Operations at the facility will be rolled out in phases with some part opening on November 8th including the emergency room as well as all the inpatient sections. The next day, the out-patient section including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and surgery will be opened.

The old building which has been in operation since 1923 will be permanently closed. Braverman said the old building has been a focal point to the hospital’s operations adding that it has served the community for a very long time. It is this long history that motivated the administration to create a special website for people to share pictures and their memories from the old building. Braverman said the old building will be taken down by the spring.

The new IU Health Frankfort Hospital has two brand new surgery rooms, 12 critical care beds, and other facilities to support services like rehabilitation and radiology. In designing the hospital, Braverman says the main priority was to create a light and airy atmosphere as well as keep all services on one floor. In addition, she said the design tried to keep the steps needed to get from one point to another at a minimum.


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