Under The K Bridge park completed and set to be opened, New York

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The Under the K Bridge Park has been completed and is set to be opened by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. The park was constructed on land that was previously occupied by the Kosciuszko Bridge and occupies nearly seven acres of land in the North Brooklyn neighborhood. Oversight of the construction was done by the State Department of Transportation and the operation and maintenance of the park will be done by the North Brooklyn Parks Alliance. The park is fully connected to the existing shared-use path on the Brooklyn-bound span of the Kosciuszko Bridge. This will enable pedestrians and bicyclists to enjoy even more recreational activities as a result of this transformative bridge project. It will be open daily from dawn until dusk.

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COVID-19 health and safety measures will be put in place to ensure park visitors comply with the State’s guidance on masks, social distancing, and gatherings. The Under the K Bridge park features a rain garden, wooded areas, elevated lawns, wetland gardens, and over 20,000 trees and native plant species, including fern, birch, maple, and evergreen trees. The park will offer guests views of the Manhattan Skyline and the Kosciuszko Bridge Main Span’s cable-stayed structures.

“The Kosciuszko Bridge project continues to reap benefits not only for motorists, pedestrians, and the cycling community; it also benefits the North Brooklyn community which craves for more open space in the midst of a worldwide pandemic,” Governor Cuomo said. “The infrastructure projects that we are rolling out across the state are much more than just roads and bridges – they enhance safety and commerce and have the power to bring entire communities together safely. ‘Under the K Bridge Park’ is living proof that the Kosciuszko Bridge project didn’t just connect two New York City boroughs but is helping to transform an entire community.”