Work begins on Indiana’s largest solar facility

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Construction has begun on a 100MW solar farm in Portage Township, Indiana. The solar farm will be Indiana’s largest solar facility power generation facilities and will be constructed on a 700-acre site where a coal mine previously existed. It will feature an array of solar panels manufactured by Talesun. Each of the panels will have a capacity to produce more than 530 watts of electricity. Competitive Power Ventures will be constructing the Maple Hill Solar farm with support from Gemma Power Systems will create around 250 jobs during the construction process. Competitive Power Ventures announced that the farm will offset more than 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions that would be produced by older fossil fuel plants, which is the same as removing 21,000 cars from the road.

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The operation of the Maple Hill Solar farm which is to be Indiana’s largest solar facility is expected to begin in May 2022. “CPV is pleased to move forward with the Maple Hill Solar project. It will contribute to the modernization of our electricity generation supply and improve its sustainability,” Sean Finnerty, company executive vice president, said in a press release. “We are grateful to partner with the Township of Portage and Cambria County as we lead the competitive power industry toward clean, renewable, and efficient generation, without compromising reliability.”

“The news that CPV is putting another project into construction is a strong step for our economy and our environment,” said state Rep. Frank Burns, D-East Taylor Township. “We’re not only proud to have the Maple Hill project sited within Cambria County, but also pleased to be putting former coal land to further good use – generating jobs, tax revenue, and clean energy for the region.” “Through our partnership with CPV and the development of the Maple Hill Solar facility, Portage Township is leading the way towards a clean, efficient, renewable energy future,” Portage Township Supervisor Chairman Ben Selapack said.