Work to start on Bay Line transformation project in Wales

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UK-based Transport for Wales (TFW) is scheduled to start the Bay Line transformation project in Wales. The projects will include a new Butetown railway station and an overhaul of Cardiff Bay station. TfW unveiled plans for a new two-platform station’s construction last year in the summer, to the north of Butetown.

The Bay Line transformation project will offer a number of improvements to the current Cardiff Bay station. It will also lead to new signage as well as customer information screens. A new timetable is also expected to be introduced in 2024 with the help of a new track deployment that will enable frequent services with new tram-trains.

Work is already on track beginning at the start of this year. This month will see the start of building works on a construction compound on Lloyd George Avenue.

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Bay Line transformation project will be a crucial component of the South Wales Metro

In addition to providing welfare facilities for employees, TfW is getting ready to build a construction compound on the trackside of Lloyd George Avenue for the management of its work. In order to provide electrical clearances for the general public, employees, and the infrastructure needed to support the installation of the overhead line equipment, it will also carry out vegetation management work.

The electrically powered tram-trains will be operated using overhead line equipment. In the upcoming weeks, TfW will begin putting in electrified lines on the Core Valley Lines in South Wales, including the Bay line.

TfW CEO James Price stated: “The Bay Line transformation project is a crucial component of the South Wales Metro. We are thrilled to be able to start construction work on the brand-new station in Butetown and Cardiff Bay station. From 2024 on, we’ll offer a smoother, more environmentally friendly, and more contemporary public transportation service. This will open up a variety of opportunities for residents of Butetown and the larger Cardiff Bay area.