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Zambia releases funds for reconstruction of Chongwe Water Supply Project

The government of Zambia has released US $394,000 for the completion of the remaining works on the Chongwe Water Supply Improvement Project, in Chongwe.

Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection through the Lusaka Water Supply and Sanitation Company is implementing the project. Public Relations Officer in the Ministry Amos Zulu said that the Contractor, Zambezi Drilling Exploration Limited has since re – mobilized to complete the remaining 15% of the works.

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Chongwe Water Improvement Supply Project

The project involves the development of a well field with 4 boreholes, construction of a 400 cubic meters ground reservoir, construction of a booster station and laying of a transmission pipeline. Works remaining include construction of 8 kilometers pipeline from Margaret Mwachiyeya to Chongwe Town.

According to Fair Water Futures, the water crisis in Chongwe was driven by poor management, illegal water use, lax regulation and a lack of policy implementation and accountability to water users. The water shortage imposed severe hardship, extra expense and health risks on the people of the residents.

The project according to Amos is a long term intervention to the water challenges in the district. He commended the President Edgar Lungu for the quick response to the cries of the people and observed that this was a clear indication that government had attached great importance to the plight of its people.

β€œIt is envisaged that the Chongwe Water Supply Improvement Project will, in the mid to long term period address the water supply challenges that have been experienced in the recent past. The Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) was supplying water in bowsers to help in the water crisis.,” said Amos Zulu.




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