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Zimbabwe commissions rural health centre in Matobo District

The government of Zimbabwe has commissioned the Fumugwe rural health centre in Matobo District with the aim of cutting long distances traveled by locals to access health services.

Speaking during the commissioning ceremony, Matabeleland South Provincial Affairs Minister Abednico Ncube said the project was in line with the Government’s primary health care approach aimed at ensuring access to health services by the general public.

“This citizen approach to health care services is mandatory to all communities in Zimbabwe. In line with this the Matobo Rural District Council in 2016 came up with a resolution to ensure that primary health care is within five km of all communities in the district,” said Ncube.

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Poor health

Prior to the construction of the clinic, communities of Silozwe, Ndabankulu and Fumugwe were walking distances of as much as 30km in a bid to access health care services at Bazha Clinic. This resulted in poor health outcomes as there was delayed health seeking behavior.

The area being mountainous, it recorded a lot of snake bites and high fatality rates. High numbers of home deliveries were recorded and some mothers were delivering on the way to Bazha Clinic due to these long distances

Total cost of constructing the clinic was US $100 000, with World Vision injecting US $64 000 and the rest of the money coming from the diaspora community. The Minister said despite various challenges faced, providing quality health services in pursuit of Vision 2030 is important.

“As we pursue Vision 2030, the importance of healthy communities cannot be over emphasized. Despite various challenges faced, this province remains committed to providing quality and easy-to-access services to its citizens,” said Ncube.

“The transformation of our communities to healthy communities will positively contribute to the Transitional Stabilization Programme (TSP) and achieve specific Sustainable Developments Goals,” he added.

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