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Zimbabwe to develop factories in 63 districts

The government of Zimbabwe is set up at least one factory in each of the country’s 63 districts in bid to to improve standards of living for people in economically backward areas. This was revealed in the launched Zimbabwe National Industrial Policy (ZNIDP), to be implemented from 2019 to 2023.

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Zimbabwe National Industrial Policy

The ZNIDP intends to promote decentralization of industrialization initiatives in line with devolution that recognizes that the majority of Zimbabweans are domiciled in the rural areas. The factories will be developed under the one district one factory concept. This will enhance the empowerment of marginalized rural communities.

“Government will promote industrialization through provision of incentives and targeted financing, policy support and business development services for the establishment of micro, small, medium and large scale manufacturing industries in rural areas in line with available local resources,” stated the policy.

The policy document further says that industrialization will be based on the local resource endowment of specific areas; Industrialization will also be based on the local resource endowment of specific areas. Processing of traditional agricultural products such as sorghum, rapoko, marula fruits and mopane worms can spur the creation of new factories in source areas.

The policy encourages youths, women and disadvantaged people to participate in projects in the rural areas targeting naturally available products. Development of the rural industries will be facilitated through linkages between higher education institutions and the private sector thereby encouraging research and development in processing and packaging of naturally available products.



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