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Zimbabwe’s Zimplats set to develop modern houses

Zimbabwe’s Zimplats Holdings Limited is set to develop new Turf Village into one of the very best urban centers in Zimbabwe.

The company has already constructed a lot of houses and this has seen their staff have good housing system, and they are looking forward to expanding their operations in Ngezi where they now run four mines and a processing plant.

According to Zimplats chief executive officer Alex Mhembere, the firm is expecting more houses to be constructed to benefit their workers.
He also added that most Companies have been struggling and seeing housing projects previously meant for workers stopped in most private firms, leaving government to shoulder the burden of providing houses.

Turf Village is a housing scheme that has been undertaken by the country’s largest platinum firm to house thousands of its workers at the Ngezi operation.
Mhembere said, Zimplats was also empowering the country’s citizens in addition to providing housing to its employees who are part of the citizens. This was apart from the broad empowerment scheme the company is in.

“We are developing Turf Village to become one of the fastest growing urban centres in this country,” Mhembere said after presenting the group’s results for the quarter ending June 2014. We have a youthful workforce,” said Mhembere.


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