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Carpenter plans distinctive One Brunswick 478-home Liverpool project

The developer Carpenter Investments has started an application for One Brunswick 478-home Liverpool project in U-shape located at the infilled Toxteth Dock. The 2.4-acre site is situated just south of Brunswick Dock in Liverpool and acts as a surface car park. Carpenter Investments plans to develop a 478-apartment rising from four to 16-storeys. L7 Architects, Carpenter’s in-house design, has designed up the development.

The Planning Studio consultants described the project as “a game-changing piece of architecture that truly brings the concept of placemaking to life”. The one Brunswick 478-home Liverpool project consists of eye-catching element comprising of one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments, in a 50,000 sq ft landscaped green roof trial meandering around the curved form of the building.

Furthermore,, the scheme contains 10,000 sq ft of office space, and an additional 11,000 sq ft for commercial space and a rooftop restaurant.

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Liverpool Urban development schemes.

Away from one Brunswick 478-home Liverpool , Maro was awarded a tender for a 552-apartment scheme last December. Carpenter’s project is also close to Herculaeum Quay, a development that received alot of delays and controversies before its fully completion by a consortium of investors last year.

Around £30m has been availed for urban development projects in the Liverpool City area after investments created by two lending companies. Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram ealier revealed that loans repaid by successful previous applicants to both the LCR Urban Development Fund and Chrysalis Fund now available to be reinvested into other schemes. He uttered that coming out of the pandemic, Liverpool’s region local economy still needs “all the help and support it can get”. The Chrysalis Fund is a £35m revolving money that has helped over £100m worth of developments in the region since it started in 2012. The initiative will now continue to offer its funds into further schemes until at least 2022, helping in the development of new urban schemes, creating employment and economic growth in Liverpool.

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