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ICRC Regional Office is being developed by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), an independent, neutral organization ensuring humanitarian protection and assistance for victims of war and other situations of violence, on an 8.2 acres piece of land in Spring Valley on the outskirts of Nairobi Kenya.

The development encompasses offices, meeting rooms, conference room, canteen, gatehouses, powerhouse, recycling building, maintenance warehouses, parking lot including charging ports for electrical cars and parking for bicycles, water treatment plant, and solar panels.

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Cumulatively, the building’s footprint is 5,890 m2, while the floor area including parking and external circulation is 15,970 m2. Additional areas have also been reserved for future expansion.

The site as of April 2021

ICRC Regional Office sustainability

In the design stage, the consortium of architects in charge of the design of the facility had to ensure that it adhered to the principles of sustainability. This involved saving as many indigenous trees as possible in the project site, whose notable attribute was its green aspect with many trees and a quiet, serene environment that was largely residential with near-zero high-rise buildings. The architects also considered enhancing energy efficiency, water reuse, renewable energy, and the use of local materials among others.

Other features of the building include a clean, practical non-commercial look; a conducive environment of shared offices and common workspaces; flexible workspace design; accessibility to people with disabilities, watertight security, and safety features. These features are crucial considering that the building’s occupancy population is approximately 500.

Project team

Client: International Committee of the Red Cross

Architect: Pharos Architects

Quantity Surveyor: Quantimax Consultants

Civil Structural Engineer: Abba & Wandu Engineers

Structural Engineer: Abba & Wandu Engineers

Electrical Engineer: Elemech Consultants

MEP Engineer: Elemech Consultants

ICT Engineer: Elemech Consultants

Main Contractor: Ark Construction Ltd

Electrical Subcontractor: Masterpower Systems Ltd

Plumbing & Drainage Subcontractor: Trident Plumbers Ltd

Landscaping Subcontractor: Greenersol Landscape Ltd

BMS Subcontractor: Glosec

HVAC Subcontractor: Universal Engineering Systems Ltd

Lift Subcontractor: Schindler

Kitchen Subcontractor: Kitchen Professionals

Solar Investor/Installer: Enkai/Illumina Africa