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Sultan Palace Beach Retreat is a residential and/or hospitality development in Tezo, Kikambala (also known as Vipingo) in Kilifi County, about 33 kilometers from Mombasa City off the Mombasa-Malindi Highway, Kenya.

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Set to be built in two phases, the Sultan Palace Beach Retreat consists of a mix of holiday homes, a residents’ club, and a 4-star hotel. Phase 1 of the project, which is currently under construction, consists of 16 villas, 50 townhouses, 144 apartments, and the residents’ club.

All the proposed units are organized into seven clusters bound by access roads, and each (the seven clusters) with a focal point i.e. the Indian Ocean, green spaces, swimming pools, and a water park.

The development features, a combination of Swahili and modern architecture in that, Swahili-style joinery and coral facing have successfully been combined with clean modern lines of aluminum and tinted glass.

Local materials, such as coral/concrete that help reduce heat gain due to high thermal mass, “mazeras” stone and quarry tiles for flooring, local hardwoods for joinery and locally manufactured clay roofing tiles have been extensively used.

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Furthermore, 90 percent of indigenous plants and a tree nursery were established on-site to ensure cost savings and to acclimatize plants to site conditions. Existing quarries were also reclaimed to create Water Park, water reservoirs and to house the Reverse Osmosis and Bio-digester plants.

Project team

Developer: Sultan Palace Development Ltd

Architect: Planning Systems Services Ltd