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Generators as a form of backup power in Africa

DAGARTECH is a European genset manufacturer with International orientation, industry Knowledge and Experience, Customer orientation and Top-quality products which lay the foundations for the company´s strategy. At Dagartech, they help you translate your needs into technical specifications, design and manufacture your custom generator set, and accompany you during the process to make sure everything will work out.

Construction Review had an exclusive interview with Isabel Royo, Marketing & Communication Manager at Dagartech regarding generators as a form of backup power in Africa.

  1. How does Dagartech see the African generators market?

Africa is one of our key international markets since we started our business activity. We anticipate a global market growth in the next 5 years and we hope to be able to respond to the needs and opportunities that will be created, as a result of the increase and development of its infrastructures, the acceleration of its commercial activity and the rising per capita consumption of electricity by the African population, coupled with no proper access to grid electricity throughout some areas of the continent.

  1. Why should Africa embrace generators as a form of backup power?

Until now, generator sets in Africa have been used mostly as a main source of energy supply, filling the need for stable electricity networks in large territories. However, much of the African continent is undergoing great transformations and a considerable growth of its industrial activity, while the electrical infrastructure continues to expand and develop.

These demands of the industry, as well as greater economic and social development of the continent, make the generators as backup energy more meaningful and important as never before, as a means one means of guaranteeing the natural development of the lives of the African population and as a tool for Keep growing and developing.

That is why we have developed a large range of generators up to 500kVA especially targeted to emergency applications. This is our Emergency Balance Range.

  1. What are some of the challenges in the African market in terms of installation and maintenance of generators?

Our substantial base of experience and expertise within supplying generators in different countries in Africa shows us two main challenges: the first one is the response time. Especially, in those occasions in which the generators act as the main source of energy, or even the only source of energy supply, the speed of response becomes a critical aspect.

Being consistent with maintenance works and rely on highly qualified professionals are one of the cornerstones in minimizing any problem and extend the shelf life of the generator set; the second challenge we encounter is the introduction of new competitive engines and with a high level of technological development.

  1. What do you think can be done to overcome these challenges?

As I said, one of the key aspects is to rely on professionals with a good knowledge of generators, who have specific training in the brands they are installing. In our case, we regularly carry out customized training with which we transmit all our knowledge in terms of equipment installation and maintenance. The other, being able to communicate the multiple options in terms of engines that distributors can count on.

  1. With most countries in Africa embracing renewable energy, how do you as a manufacturer of generators ensure you do not become obsolete?

Renewable energies and, especially, the hybridization of different energy sources are now a reality. From Dagartech we are aware of it and we are sure that it will be part of our business reality in a short period of time. In any case, the main demands we receive from our customers continue to be diesel generator sets and having more competitive and efficient generators.

  1. What are some of Dagartech’s future plans for the African market?

One of our main future challenges is to be involved in large energy projects, such as those related to large-scale electric power plants, or other equivalents in the industrial sector. This year we launched our High-Power generator sets, with which we have already exceeded 1,650 kVA of power. We want to be able to reach more customers and become a reference brand for professionals in the energy sector in Africa.

Yvonne Andiva
Editor/ Business Developer at Group Africa Publishing Ltd


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