Behind the post-pandemic construction industry obstacles are a host of opportunities

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The advent of spring has brought with it signs of hope for South Africa. Declining infection and mortality rates appear to indicate that our country has weathered the Covid-19 pandemic storm and government is already eyeing a move to level one lockdown.

This means the focus has turned  to economic recovery. For the local construction industry, already in the depths of a serious decline prior to the outbreak of the pandemic, this process will be long, slow and tough, says Databuild CEO Morag Evans.

“Everyone understands that an enormous amount of hard work lies ahead, but recovery will require considerably more than this.

“It will require fresh intelligence, collaboration and insight – a rethink of the role we play in the new order of things and how we incorporate critical knowledge into our businesses to ensure we overcome the vulnerabilities and risks highlighted by the pandemic.

“This being said, the new normal has also created a host of opportunities for the construction industry, including the recapture of local supply chains and the use of locally produced materials. New approaches to projects that cannot entertain historical high-density habitation, and the revitalised trends  towards “green” development are no longer futuristic; they’re pertinent now.

“Being in the right place at the right time to seize these opportunities will be key, not only in the current recovery mode, but also as companies position themselves to meet any future new, unprecedented challenges.”

Finally, as quality and service once again become the deciding factors for business success, Evans says the formation of strategic alliances based on integrity will be critical.

“Databuild used the lockdown period to transform itself to meet the construction industry’s knowledge requirements in a post-pandemic world. Key to what we do is knowledge – researching, checking for accuracy, tracking and publishing projects throughout South Africa.”

While Databuild will continue to do this to the highest standard of excellence, the company now offers so much more.

BuildConnect is a product specification and appointment service that brings specifiers and suppliers together in a mutually beneficial association. This network of specification specialists offers a range of services to the industry, including much sought-after product specifications

Databuild also offers an online CPD portal, including CPD events where clients can exhibit products and present CPD-accredited lectures. Additionally, various levels of marketing assistance are available, from design skills and social media marketing to digital campaigns. The company also regularly holds informative webinars on topical issues relevant to construction industry role players.

“Working together has become so much easier now that remote working has become the new norm, and Databuild is eager to align our spectrum of services with what construction companies need to get their business back on track.

Now is the time for companies to invest in this knowledge and close the gaps in their information value chain,” Evans concludes.