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Steel is an essential component of reinforced concrete and as such the price of reinforcement steel in Nigeria determines to a great degree the cost of construction. In Nigeria the construction industry has been growing at a phenomenal rate and so has the cost driven by the cost of construction materials such as steel, cement and sand.

Other factors that affect pricing of steel reinforcement bars is the foreign currency rate since steel is imported. International markets also change from time to time principally determined by the forces of supply and demand.

Reinforcement bars are used for giving greater strength to concrete under tension. The reinforcement bars better known as rebars are manufactured by hot rolling the steel and have ribs or deformations on the surface that enhance the bonding of the steel to the concrete.

Types of steel reinforcement bars

There are two more popular types of deformed bars. one is the TMT which stands for Thermo Mechanically Treated Bars while the other is High strength deformed bars or HSD which are clod twisted bars. Both are suitable for construction purposes.


The price of steel reinforcement in Nigeria varies depending on region. We did a short survey of some of the hardware shops in Lagos and this is what we found

  • D 8 rebar price Naira 2000
  • D 10 rebar price Naira 2900
  • D 12 rebar price Naira 7000


In Nigeria the length of the steel bars is a standard 12 metres. When buying steel reinforcement as for any other products its always good to shop around for the best prices before committing to one supplier.