ACB Illuminacion launches Halo lamp

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Designed by Nacho Timón, a Valencian designer born in 1978 who is a restless creative with a curious and observant character. From a very young age, he has wondered why some things were like this and others like that. This is what marked him and conditioned his career and defined his vocation. A great defender of ‘less is more’ and an unconditional fan of McGyver and the architect Zaha Hadid, he studied Product Design at ESDI – CEU Valencia.

He is currently the creative director of his own multidisciplinary studio made up of young talents that is focused on industrial product design and development and offers its engineering services, such as external, technical and creative support to companies from a multitude of sectors.

His latest creation for ACB Illuminacion, Halo, conveys lightness. It is a visual metaphor; its design is inspired by a group of balloons that escape from your hand – that first moment that transmits freedom and lightness. Taking three months to design, Halo is a shaped iron ring with an opal mouth blown glass sphere and LED luminaire. Its minimalist design allows it to adapt to almost any environment. Its ideal habitat would be stairwells or large spaces such as hotel halls.

One of the challenges the team came across was finding a cable that matches the lamp’s characteristics (that looks like a bow, not a spring), and it was also important to find a cable outlet from a single point that meets all safety requirements and conforms to the design.

Its light character, Halo is very minimalist and creates a unique atmosphere.