CHRYSO solves concrete efflorescence, adds durability

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CHRYSO® Alpha Color 600, available from CHRYSO Southern Africa, prevents efflorescence on concrete while simultaneously giving a durable water repellent property to concrete. Preventing efflorescence on concrete is often a concern for contractors, but CHRYSO has a simple solution – CHRYSO® Alpha Color 600.

In fact, CHRYSO® Alpha Color 600 does more than reduce the appearance of efflorescence. It is a double-function admixture which simultaneously gives a durable water repellent property to concrete. Giving a beading effect to concrete, the admixture enables mortars and concrete to resist water penetration, by capillarity or by pressure.

Another important function of CHRYSO® Alpha Color 600 is that it acts as a water repellent because it reduces capillary absorption

It also improves the aesthetic characteristics of manufactured concrete products, considerably reducing the appearance of spots and rings due to efflorescence. This gives a homogeneous colour to the result, whether it is precast aesthetic concrete, light precast concrete or coloured concrete.

This high-performance efflorescence reducer is available in a range of packaging, including 25 liter jerry cans, 200 liter drums, 1,000 liter flow bins or bulk tanker loads. With a long shelf life of 12 months, it can be homogenized simply by some light agitation after extended periods of storage. It can even endure freezing, requiring only agitation after thawing to recover its properties.

From a health and safety point of view, CHRYSO® Alpha Color 600 need not raise any concerns for contractors and their employees as it is classified as harmless.