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Control the Room with the O3 Family system from Delta Controls

The Delta Controls’  new controls system “the O3 family system” takes control of rooms like never before. Point to point, room level integration consolidates multiple systems into a single, easy-to-manage solution.

The O3 family integrates with a wide variety of device types including DALI, EnOcean, SMI, and more. The O3 DIN can be paired with up to four O3 remote hubs and can support a number of universal I/O modules – giving you a single point of control for a modular, room integration system. The O3 Remote Hub provides advanced detection capabilities that ensure you have the data you need, in real-time. Requiring a single, ceiling-mounted sensor in each room, the O3 system has the entire room covered.

Control the Room with the O3 Family from Delta ControlsAdvanced Detection
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With a perfect view from the center of any room, the networked O3 Remote Hub replaces the need for motion sensors, thermostats and other sensors. From detecting movement to listening for typing to be sure a room is still occupied, the O3 Remote Hub ensures that your room is smart, adaptable, and efficient.

Advanced temperature detection from the O3 Remote Hub’s IR temperature sensors detect temperatures at the surface level of a room. With this capability, the O3 system provides comfort beyond the capabilities of traditional, single sensor systems. With a focus on comfort, the O3 system puts people first.

Simplified Integration

The O3 DIN allows you to stack universal I/O that empower you to control a wide variety of devices. The O3 DIN’s ability to integrate with numerous protocols ensures that your data and control are integrated at the room level – providing you with the ease of use and single point of control for HVAC, lighting, and more. Control the entire room through the O3 app for mobile devices or through our system dashboard, enteliWEB.

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