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EnergyZone’s PERMABOND™ Waterproofing & Bonding Clear Roof Primer Sealer

The Dubai World Islands Project
The Dubai World Islands Project

PERMABOND™ is a clear transparent, elastomeric acrylic, waterproofing adhesive, bonding Primer Sealer. Waterborne latex based high resin content formula that contains no filler or pigments. It is designed to prepare roofing surfaces for a finish coating. PERMABOND™ rejuvenates, revitalizes and strengthens the surface to which it is applied, helping to prevent cracking, efflorescence, spalling and segregation.

PERMABOND™ will bond, seal and waterproof any new or existing exterior roofing surface and is excellent for locking down small amounts of loose gravel. Excellent penetrating characteristics enable PERMABOND™ to permeate into the substrate providing a permanent bond to the finish coat. The bond that is formed between PERMABOND™ and the finish coat eliminates any possibility of moisture under the finish coat thus extending the coatings life considerably.

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Designed as a primer coat for PERMAKOTE®, PERMAKOTE® SEMI-GLOSS, PERMAKOTE® SILVER SEAL and PERMAKOTE® PLUS Roof Coating Systems, but can be used a primer for any latex based paint or coating. A coat of PERMABOND™ or METAL- PRIME™ is required as a primer for warranty conformance for the PERMAKOTE®, PERMAKOTE® SEMI-GLOSS and PERMAKOTE® PLUS Roof Coating Systems.

Product Uses:

Excellent adhesion on any flat or slopped surfaces (not exceeding ½ of an inch of pounding water in any area of roof surface) including: weathered wood, shakes, plywood, clapboard, primed metal, rolled roofing, mineral surfaced roofing and various other substrates.

For use on residential, commercial and industrial applications

EnergyZone LLC based in Dubai – UAE is the Gulf and Middle East distributor of Wide range of protective, waterproofing insulating and decorative coatings and paints.

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Yvonne Andiva
Yvonne Andiva
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