IRMCO comes up with synthetic stamping lubricant for automotive metals

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Leading manufacturer of oil-free metal forming and tube bending lubricants IRMCO Advanced Lubricant Technologies has announced the formulation of the first ever synthetic stamping lubricant for automotive electro galvanized and galvanealed metals.

The US based company, notes that traditional oil, pigmented and fatty-based products and the mess they create are no longer required to be used on Zinc coated sheet metal. This, the company says informed their decision to launch the synthetic stamping lubricant for automotive metals.

IRMCO FLUIDS® are high performance, clean, non-oil, environmentally sound alternatives to traditional chlorinated oils, pigmented pastes, water soluble oils, and synthetic metal forming/stamping lubricants.

The following are the advantages of the product:

CONTROLLED APPLICATION – CONSUMPTION REDUCED 50% – Because of film’s ability to protect tooling in a thin film regime, 50% less fluid is required. The use of IRMCO® APPLICATION HARDWARE assures consistent 100% application of critical forming surfaces. Inconsistent, excess application waste and housekeeping burden is eliminated.

TOOLING COST REDUCED 25% – unique chemistry provides a high performance, tenacious barrier on critical tooling surfaces under high friction, high heat conditions, increasing tool life an average of 25%.

CLEAN ASSEMBLY – WELD WITHOUT WASH – clean, thin film provides an improved surface condition for welding and assembly. Production studies using MIG, TIG, and resistance welding techniques have proven that in some cases welding can be achieved without prior washing*. Weld repairs and re-work due to lubricant residue are eliminated or reduced significantly.

IMPROVED PARTS CLEANING & PAINT QUALITY – CHEMICAL COST REDUCED 50% film removes with a plain water first stage or mild alkaline cleaner. Cleaning and pre-treatment chemicals perform more efficient and last longer between system clean-outs. Washer disposal volume and cost can be reduced up to 50%. Paint quality improves, thus lubricant related paint rejects are eliminated.

400% LESS TOXIC – ISO 14001 COMPLIANCE – IRMCO® FLUIDS do not contain oil or other constituents found on the SARA Title III Section 313 Toxic Chemical List, allowing for a significant reduction in cleaning chemical volume, waste treatment costs, and liability.

The performance data below provides a lab comparison of IRMCO FLUIDS® product technology to conventional technology. Metal formability is reported as the maximum uniaxial strain before fracture of a coated sample, relative to an uncoated sample. A higher relative value indicates better forming capabilities of a film using cold rolled steel. Cleanability is measured in the time it takes to completely remove film with 77° F water. A shorter time demonstrates superior ease of cleanability. Acute aquatic toxicity is reported in parts per million (ppm) as the effective concentration 50% of population survive (EC50). A higher number indicates a less toxic material. For details on any of these tests, please contact IRMCO®.