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The Montabert CPA 295 rock drill attachment is an excavator-mounted rock drill attachment aimed to match or exceed the production rate of conventional drill rigs currently in the market. Its versatile options allow contractors to drill holes from 3 to 4 in. (7.6 to 10 cm) in diameter, up to 72-ft. (22 m) deep, decreasing typical costs while increasing application potential. The diverse application possibilities include everything from a quarry or pipeline project to a demolition or development site.

Montabert General Manager Stephane Giroudon said the CPA 295 fills a void in the market.

“Before the CPA 295, growing demand and cost concerns were calling for bigger drilling attachments with larger hole diameter and depth options, at greater speeds. This attachment’s versatility and capability meet those needs.”

The attachment can be mounted on any excavator weighing more than 25 tons (22.6 t), does not require any major modifications to the machine, and is very easy to connect and install.

“It can be mounted on and off an excavator in about ten minutes with the use of a quick coupler,” said Gaetan Julien, product drilling specialist of Montabert. “You can go from digging, ripping rock or breaking rock, and then be drilling again minutes later. The excavator’s quick coupler, standard auxiliary hydraulic plumbing and a 24VDC power supply suffice for the installation. It not only saves our customers on acquisition and operating costs, but also limits downtime.”

“The CPA 295 outperforms competing products in both power and efficiency thanks to its patented controls, and it is equipped with the latest generation of Montabert’s hydraulic drifters, the HC95, that have contributed to the company’s reliable, longstanding reputation in the market,” said Giroudon.

Montabert invented the world’s first hydraulic drifter in the 1960’s, and has been working ever since to innovate and improve its original technology.

“Today, miners and contractors often refer to our drifters as the ‘gold standard.’ We achieve this status by maximizing performances, low running cost and uptime for customers.”

Other features of the CPA 295 include an efficient hydraulic dust control system, rod carrousel and a radio remote control, making it easy to operate the drill attachment from anywhere, and Montabert’s legacy and advanced Intelsense controller system. This system automatically detects and analyzes various rock layouts to best optimize the drifter striking frequency and energy, also improving operating costs, uptime and ease of maintenance, according to the manufacturer.

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