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Phathost, based in South Africa, is RIB’s resale and support partner for the African Market. The organisation is spearheading the education and support of asset owners (public and private sector), professionals, contractors and suppliers alike demonstrating the untapped commercial potential of RIB’s integrated approach.

RIB Solutions are designed for the entire construction life cycle. All their solutions support processes which are traditionally associated with high risk, excessive use of resources or high costs. They help their clients exploit the full potential of risk management, cost reduction, minimization of delays etc. by implementing solutions, which make processes simple, identifiable, verifiable and digital.

Their tools support all phases of a construction project, providing transparency in the transition from one phase to the next. That gives their clients the unique advantage of being able to predict and address the challenges, which lie within and across all the phases of construction. Their clients tell them that using the tools substantially minimises their expenses, while the initial investment only creates value.

RIB software is cloud based thus enabling total integration of project stakeholders regardless of geo-location. RIB iTWO simulates the project virtually in 5D before it is realized physically at the construction site. iTWO enables you to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of your projects in all phases.

RIB iTWO is a fully integrated solution spanning over the whole lifecycle of asset creation projects, with an interactive Building Information Model (BIM)-based graphic process which integrates planning and execution phases from end to end. iTWO integrates traditional estimating, packaging, controlling and execution, revolutionary 5D capabilities (3D Integrated model + time + cost) and project collaboration into a single software platform.

RIB software is the present and future of cost effective construction asset delivery.

RIB Solutions
iTWO – 5D Simulation
iTWOcx – Project Management
iTWOfm – Facilities Management

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