TAL introduces new natural stone tile adhesive

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TAL is launching TAL Stonefix, a new thick-bed natural stone tile adhesive ideal for fixing natural stone tiles to walls and floors.

TAL Stonefix is ideal for dark coloured natural stone tiles such as slate, sandstone, quartzite, marble and granite tiles, and can also be used for fixing ceramic, porcelain and quarry tiles.

The product can be built up to a thickness of 12mm, and up to 20mm in isolated areas, facilitating the bedding in of heavy natural stone tiles. It is high-strength and quick-setting as it sets within 12 hours, depending on site and ambient conditions. Grouting can commence six to eight hours after installation.

When fixing heavy and/or large format tiles to walls, it is critical that the substrate is able to support the added weight of the adhesive and tile, and the tiles must be well supported while the adhesive dries.

[pull_quote_center]“We offer a wide range of tiling solutions and have a number of products that can be used in conjunction with TAL Stonefix,” says Chaitan Manga, acting general manager for TAL.[/pull_quote_center]

These products include TAL Keycoat, a primer for smooth, dense surfaces; TAL Bond, a latex additive which enhances the bond strength, flexibility and water resistance of cementitious adhesives and grouts; TAL Goldstar Sealmaster 1000 polyurethane joint sealer; mushroom colour TAL Wall & Floor Grout, which is an ideal match for neutral-coloured tiles and TAL Stain Free grout, a pigment-free grout specially designed to greatly reduce the staining of highly porous tiles, overcoming the ‘picture frame’ effect encountered with conventional grouts.

TAL Wall & Floor mushroom colour grout is suitable for grouting tile joints up to a maximum width of 8mm and TAL also offers standard set quarry grouts in different colours to cater for wider joints.

TAL customers have access to the expertise of highly qualified and experienced advisory staff, who offer telephonic and on-site technical advice on any aspect of a tiling installation.

TAL is ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certified and its products are designed, manufactured and tested to TAL standards, assuring customers that products will perform to specification.

TAL Stonefix is available in a 20kg pack size.

For more information visit www.tal.co.za or contact the TAL advisory service on 0860 000 (TAL)825.