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Tatu City Project progress and all you need to know

Tatu City project is a 5000-acre land delving into the marvel of Africa urbanization. Its special nature is promising decongestion in Nairobi, Kenya. The conventional view is that Nairobi city is a catastrophe caused by people’s continuous inflow into the city. Tatu City represents a brand-new way of living for Kenyans and visitors, generating a special life, work, and play domain free from traffic and long-distance travel to and fro. The multipurpose development consists of homes, hospitals, offices, schools, shopping malls, integrated sports, entertainment, and lifestyle hubs. There is also an industrial park, which is the largest industrial zones in East Africa. The fact is that Taut City has enough space to accommodate 150,000 residents and 30,000 days visitors.


A consortium of investors represented today by Rendeavour obtained the land that makes Tatu City. The investors paid USD 21.7 million for the Tatu farm and USD 65.7 million for the Kofinaf land. Scofinaf, a Belgium- owned coffee and rubber company. Scofinaf held thousands of coffee estates on the ground from the 1960s to 2008.


Renaissance Group started the first phase of the eleven-phase project in 2012, and residents expected to occupy the residential units by the end of 2013. The $5 billion residential structure was ready for retail operation in 2014. The Russian Renaissance Group collaborated with Kenyan Investors for the development of Tatu City. Development partners are:

  • David Langdon
  • Lariak Landscapes Ltd
  • Planning Project Management Ltd
  • Scroll & Priest (K) Ltd
  • Ogilvy Public Relations
  • Gibb Africa Limited
  • Capita Symonds & Co Advocates.

Kenyan investors and the Renaissance Group calculated the first phase to house an approximated 62,000 residents.


The 8 kilometer circa of gravel that accesses the Tatu City Industrial Park, Logistics Park, and the ring road around Kijani Ridge, was completed. According to the Tatu City Team, the required water drainage systems and bridges of the 8km circa was also complete. The developers could now have easier access to their properties within Tatu City.


In January 2015, the construction work of roads, water, and wastewater begun. In the same month, the Kijani Ridge Perimeter fence’s construction began, and sub-station and internal network design for precint 1B and 4B were completed.

Unilever East Africa, one of the leading consumer goods company in Kenya, entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Tatu City Limited for the attainment of 70acres of industrial land for the future development of its manufacturing operations.


2016 was a year of infrastructure launch and warehouses and factories in Tatu Industrial Park. In the same year, international investors secured legal support. The construction by developer Lifestyle Properties began in November.

Kenya Rugby proved 2016 to be a year of progress for Tatu City after announcing a partnership that would aid their test matches and youth rugby development.


Nova Pioneer campus admitted their first students ready to deliver education on site. A span of housing development was built, and residents got a chance to begin building their homes.


Tatu City progressed well; tarmacked roads are more than 20kms, and more infrastructure developments were constructed on the Tatu Industrial Park. When complete, Tatu City will possess over 100 tarmacked routes.


Tatu City installed its first solar plant, the largest in East Africa, to create renewable energy. Two thousand eight hundred eighty solar modules mounted on 5,700 meters of roof space at Dormans Coffee’s Global headquarters located at Tatu Industrial Park. The developers’ focus shifted to infrastructural developments on the residential side of the city.


Tatu City continues to grow, and the Tatu City Team plans to host more events to dilate to the community and evolve excellent infrastructure for its residents.


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