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The Buffalo Mall is a shopping and leisure complex in Naivasha, which was built to leverage Kenya’s growing mall culture. Phase one of the project which began in December 2013 was completed in February 2015. Construction on the initial phase was estimated at $8 million and it occupied 15 acres of the available 45-acre property.

Buffalo Mall Development partnered with Lloyd Capital Partners(LPC) on The Buffalo Mall project. They built a supermarket and a 7,400 square meter galleried mall for the first phase. The developers’ mortgage lender, Housing Finance provided US$5 million to finance the project. While the rest of the funds came from LCP’s US$3 million in equity.

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Reported in 2014

Buffalo Mall Naivasha: Spearheading retail development in Kenya’s secondary cities

Naivasha, a town located along the Rift Valley in Kenya, is known for its robust horticulture and tourism industries. In recent years, prime residential developments have been initiated in the area driving up the need for exclusive shopping malls to serve the growing affluent population. Buffalo Mall will be the first such mall in the town.

As completion nears the much anticipated Buffalo Mall Naivasha, it heralds the latest stage of shopping center development in Kenya’s fast-growing retail landscape. The developer, Buffalo Mall Developments, has set its sights on targeting Kenya’s secondary cities with Buffalo Mall Naivasha being its first project in Kenya.

The principals of the company have a long track record of developing and managing similar projects in Europe, including in the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe. Buffalo Mall Naivasha is being developed in partnership with Delamere Holdings, with senior debt finance provided by the Housing Finance Company of Kenya (HFCK).

Buffalo Mall Naivasha, billed as the gateway into the Rift Valley, is located at the junction of Moi South Road and the Trans African Highway on the northwest edge of Naivasha town. Phase One is due for completion in November this year and will total over 7,400 sq. m. (79,653 sq. ft.) comprising a supermarket and a retail gallery. Phase Two will add a further 14,000 sq. m. (151,000 sq. ft.) upon completion in mid-2016.

The shopping center is situated at the heart of an 18-hectare (44.5 acres) master planned site which features a range of complementary planned developments including a business hotel, a process, and packaging facility, apartments, a hospital, petrol stations, and car servicing.

Strong tenant demand

The development of Buffalo Mall Naivasha has generated considerable interest from Kenya’s leading retail brands seeking to target Rift Valley consumers with over 95% of Phase One already leased. T

uskys, one of the four giant supermarket chains in the country, is the anchor tenant having leased 3,861 sq. m. (41,544 sq. ft.) of supermarket premises plus 450 sq. m. (4,842 sq. ft.) of loading areas in Phase One. In addition, Tuskys has leased a further 2,409 sq. m. (25,920 sq. ft.) in Phase Two.

A selection of the in-line tenants includes Java House, Mimosa Pharmacy, Optica, Healthy U, City Walk, Wine Gallery, One Way, Rift Valley Leather, Chapa Copy, Micos Drycleaners, and Laundry. Housing Finance Company of Kenya (HFCK) is the developments financing bank and will also have a branch within Buffalo Mall.

Low environmental impact, green technology

Buffalo Mall Naivasha features a striking modern design and benchmarks the latest international standards. The professional and technical teams assembled for the development drew from both international expertise and local experience and know-how. The Canadian concept architect worked closely with the local planning architect to design a comprehensive master plan envisaging a phased delivery of each of the development components.

The traffic flow design and car parking layout were reviewed by a leading UK traffic specialist in order to avoid the all-too-typical jam at entry and exit. The development team’s engineers and architects ensured that the building reflected the project brief to create a low energy, low environmental impact ‘green’ building. To achieve this, the public areas and retail premises benefit from a system of ‘passive cooling’, calculated using the stack effect principle.

All the light fittings are LED, requiring a fraction of the energy of conventional fittings while offering a considerably greater lifespan. All irrigation water for landscaping and grey water used within the building is derived from the outflow of the water cleaning station, a device imported from America, which utilizes the latest technology in environmental waste management and recycling.

Upon completion, the project as a whole will be submitted for an environmental efficiency rating, based on international best practices, and will be the first building in Kenya to be considered on such criteria.

Reported in 2016

Ultramodern mall to elevate Kenyan town

Naivasha, a popular tourist and horticultural town 90km west of Nairobi, is to get its first ultramodern mall. The proposed Buffalo Mall is a three-phase shopping and leisure complex occupying 22,210 m2 on an 18-acre site.

Designed to international standards, the mall is intended to give residents of Naivasha and surrounding areas a convenient and exciting modern shopping and leisure experience within an attractive and secure environment.

According to the developers, Buffalo Mall Development Ltd, the first phase of the project will be situated on a 6-hectare site and will occupy 6,090 m2. This phase will feature a major supermarket operated by one of Kenya’s leading stores. The supermarket chain will be the anchor tenant in keeping with established practices.

“Attractive areas dedicated to dining and beverage outlets alongside a variety of leisure components, including an outdoor amphitheater and secure children’s playground, will provide a significant draw to Buffalo Mall”, says the developer describing what customers can expect once the mall is complete. The contractor is already on site.

The project is a joint venture between a British firm, Lloyd Capital Partners, and a Naivasha-based investor.