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Hawassa University is a residential national university in Hawassa, approximately 278 kilometers south of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The university was established in December 1998.

In November of 2012, the university opened a new campus in Yirgalem Town of South Ethiopia Peoples’ State. It was aimed at giving first-degree level training to 580 students in accounting, management, economics, and cooperatives fields of study, among others.

This was the last major project reported to be undertaken by the university.

Reported in August 2014

Designs for Hawassa University Expansion selected

Hawassa UniversityHawassa University has selected winning designs for the construction of additional buildings that are part of its expansion project. This is the third design competition that the University has undertaken since 2007/08 after it started carrying out expansion projects.

“The architecture of today may be history tomorrow, so designs need to put into consideration the cultural, historical, and geographical context of a location,” Denbeshu Nuaere, construction, and maintenance director at the University, said.

The university plans to start construction work in three packages, at a total projected construction cost of 1.5 billion Br. The first package involves various laboratories, the second an administration building in the main campus, and the third package the design for the dormitory and the master plan for the new Yirgalem campus, located 40km south of Hawassa.