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The Safi thermal power plant is the first energy generating facility in Morocco, which runs on coal and utilizes ultra-supercritical technology. Construction on the 1,386MW power plant began in 2015 and it later became fully operational in December 2018. Daewoo Engineering & Construction and Safi Energy built the power plant.

The Safi plant was designed to be 10% more efficient than conventional coal-fired plants. The project is part of Morocco’s national strategic plan to meet the rising electricity demand and significantly reduce CO2 emissions. The total investment value of the project was worth about $ 2.6 billion.

Engie, Nareva Holding and Mitsui are the current owners of the thermal power plant. Each company has an ownership stake of 35%, 35% and 30% respectively.

Reported in 2014

New US$ 2.6bn Safi thermal power plant to be built in Morocco

All is set for construction of the to-be-largest ever thermal power in Morocco, Safi thermal power plant, after signing of investment contract relating to the setting up of the plant. The signing of the contracts was done in presence of Government Chief Abdelilah Benkirane in Rabat on Wednesday this week.

Once completed, Safi thermal power plant will give off 1, 386MW of power and will be part of the government’s strategy to counter the growing demand for electricity in the country.

Safi thermal power plant will not only help meet this demand, but will do so at a lesser cost and in regard to environmental conservation when compared to the conventional plants.

Morocco will now enjoy reduced CO2 emission and a reduction in costs associated with fuel.

OEM South Korean Daewoo Engineering & Construction Co will be undertaking construction, after the related contract was signed between company SAFIEC and the manufacturer.

Safi thermal power plant is expected to boost the economy of the kingdom and help it develop further, socially. It is expected to create jobs to the Safi locals and use of services from local SME’s. The new port of Safi is also among the infrastructure (including other under construction port, rail and power infrastructure) to benefit from and offer some benefits too to the Safi thermal power project. Indeed, the port will house the coal that will be supplied to the new plant.