Terms and Condition for guest posts and sponsored posts

Thank you for showing an interest in becoming one of our contributing writers

Below are some FAQ’s

How do I post an article?

The process is easy simply

Register as a user. Once you are logged in you can then submit a post. When submitting a post you will be required to put the title of the post, paste the article text in the body text area and upload at least one photograph. (We do not accept pdf formats at this time) If your article is in pdf copy out the text and paste it int he body text area. Thats it!

Do you pay for articles submitted for publication?

No we do not pay for articles. We provide an opportunity for our readers to express themselves in our forum. In addition it is a great opportunity for budding writers as well as blog owners wanting to direct traffic to their site from our 40,000 viewers a week!

Do I get to determine where and what I would want linked to the article as the author?

Though we will consider the authors suggestions as to the back-links desired to be placed in the post, the admin will at all times reserve the right to accept, modify or reject such suggestions in order to retain the integrity of the site and ensure relevance of the suggested links.

What are your requirements for articles submitted?

Articles should not be less than 600 words and not more than 1200 words. Articles must be original and not copy-pasted from elsewhere on the web. Not more than one relevant link can be put on the article. The link must be relevant to the article.

Will I get a byline?

Yes, when you register to submit an article your byline will be automatically created

What type of articles do you accept for publication?

We accept articles that can fit into the following sections. The editor will determine where to place your article once you submit it.

  1. News

This can be articles that are newsworthy and which touch on the construction industry. See current published news items online

  1. Association News

If you represent an association related to the construction industry feel free to post any news items to disseminate to the construction industry such as an upcoming event, new officials elected etc.

  1. Opinion

If you consider yourself an industry leader or an expert wishing to share an experience, innovation, research,  or trend this is the place for you.

  1. Projects

If you are currently working on a project or one that was recently completed and would like to share your experience, innovation in design and overcoming challenges or any unique aspects of your project this is the place.

Sponsored Posts

The following fall under this category and we charge US$100 for what is deemed to be a sponsored post. All outbound links must however link to a relevant website and specifically not betting, or other adult rated sites or sites not relevant to the article or construction. A maximum of 3 links will be allowed.

Upto 3 pictures are also allowed and a maximum of 1000 words

  1. Company profile

If you are a company selling products or services to the construction industry and would like to highlight your products or services you can do so here  for our clients to know about.

  1. Products

If you have recently launched a new product or service in your region anywhere in Africa this is for you. Announce it here. Also for products you want to promote by means of recommending them to readers as part of the article

  1. Corporate News

Have a new product, management appointment or new office opened or any standard press release. Feel free to place it here.