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Suez Canal

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The engineering division of the Egyptian armed forces has announced that Egypt will use machines made by a German firm to bore at least...

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Strong Manufacturing

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Strong Manufacturing strives to design and build the ideal solution for each of their customers’ needs. They manufacture mixer compact enough to fit in the...
SIDE industrie

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S.I.D.E. Industries is a French family company specialized for over 25 years in solutions for the pumping of difficult fluids. Based on practical expertise...

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EKOL Co. Ltd., Brno was founded in 1991. All employees of the company have years of experience working in the field of power technology....
Ajay Engineers



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William Garvey - Painted Oak Kitchen (Charles Burrell) High Res 2

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William Garvey continues to electrify the British furniture market with its ever expanding ‘bespoke’ portfolio of inspirational wooden furniture for the kitchen. A truly...

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More and more companies in Africa are demanding crane systems produced in accordance with European standards. In order to satisfy local customers' demands in...


CDE Global

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With maximum productivity being at the forefront of most businesses minds, very often the basic principles of site housekeeping are overlooked and even ignored. ...
Joe Wilson

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Modular construction has many different names, Modular Buildings, Systems Built Construction, Portable Buildings, Prefabricated Buildings or Pre-engineered Buildings. A simple description of our modular building...
George Kebaso

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Like all technology driven industries, the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) sector is highly dynamic and responsive to changes in technology, consumer tastes...