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Oil Pipeline

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The International Finance Corporation (IFC), a lending arm of the World Bank, has pledged US$ 600m to fund an oil pipeline in East Africa....

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From the great Italian cabinet-making tradition to the contemporary tailor made kitchens of today: Toncelli began its journey at the dawn of the 60's,...

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Enhance™ ICD (Canada) Inc., a Calgary, Alberta based Canadian company sells Cement Hydration Enhancement additives worldwide. The Enhance brand, established in 1994, continues to...

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Since 1927, ALNO kitchens have represented the highest quality, sensible innovations and award-winning design made in Germany. Thanks to their long tradition and the...

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Now equipped with Bluetooth technology, the GROHE SPA® F-digital Deluxe collection delivers a state-of-the-art shower and spa experience in today’s modern bathrooms. This latest...
VPlow IMG390

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A global leader in bulk material handling technology offers a complete line of high-performance components for reducing fugitive material entrapment and improving conveyor tail...


CDE Global

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With maximum productivity being at the forefront of most businesses minds, very often the basic principles of site housekeeping are overlooked and even ignored. ...
Joe Wilson

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Modular construction has many different names, Modular Buildings, Systems Built Construction, Portable Buildings, Prefabricated Buildings or Pre-engineered Buildings. A simple description of our modular building...
George Kebaso

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Like all technology driven industries, the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) sector is highly dynamic and responsive to changes in technology, consumer tastes...