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Roads construction

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Gauteng province is in plan to spend more that US $8.10bn on economic and social infrastructure projects in the coming three years. The Finance MEC...

Company Profiles

Glitterati-Bendheim-architectural-glass (1)

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Bendheim has partnered with Bart Halpern to introduce a new exclusive collection of decorative architectural glass to the interior design market. The collection transforms...
FLIR Intelligent Transportation Systems

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FLIR Intelligent Transportation Systems is a global leader in video image processing for traffic analysis. FLIR’s intelligent technology makes traffic safer and more efficient....

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Eco-$mart, Inc. was founded in 1993, in Sarasota, Florida providing a number of services to facilitate sustainable living. Eco-$mart was created for the sole...



Products and Equipment

Criterion Equipment - new TCM Smart engine powered forklift trucks 2

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Criterion Equipment has launched a new range of Smart TCM 2-3 T engine powered forklift trucks, designed for enhanced performance in all operating conditions,...
ProGrade triple deck washing screen from CDE with zero welds

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Materials washing specialists, CDE Global has announced the introduction of a number of new screens in the ProGrade range which include a new patented...


Lanre Okanlawon

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In countries where there are established markets for alternative and renewable energy sources, economic and financial inducements such as feed in tariffs, tax incentives,...
Nigel Wrigley: founder of NewGrids Ltd

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In 2000, he founded NewGrids Ltd to build a global market using the geogrid technology and today the company is involved in the manufacturing,...
Christopher Millar CEO GateKeepers

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This is not only Gatekeeper’s position on undercarriage inspection but now a rapidly growing number of concerned and experienced security professionals across the globe...