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Eco FutureLab Fze Active within the Solar Energy Solutions arena since 1985, they don’t just sell products but give Solutions with extended 5 year...
Scolarcentury (Africa pic)

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Founded in 1998, Solarcentury is one of the most respected solar companies in the world. Its business is global and growing, with offices in...
all in trade limited logo

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All in Trade Limited was founded in 2007 focused on providing Reliable and Affordable Energy Solutions. According to Mr.MuhammedLubowa, the managing director at All in...

Products and Equipment

ProGrade triple deck washing screen from CDE with zero welds

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Materials washing specialists, CDE Global has announced the introduction of a number of new screens in the ProGrade range which include a new patented...

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The façade covering Morocco Telecom's new headquarters in Rabat is another stunning demonstration of the comprehensive capabilities of SentryGlas®. The facade construction used on the...


Lanre Okanlawon

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In countries where there are established markets for alternative and renewable energy sources, economic and financial inducements such as feed in tariffs, tax incentives,...
Nigel Wrigley: founder of NewGrids Ltd

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In 2000, he founded NewGrids Ltd to build a global market using the geogrid technology and today the company is involved in the manufacturing,...
Christopher Millar CEO GateKeepers

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This is not only Gatekeeper’s position on undercarriage inspection but now a rapidly growing number of concerned and experienced security professionals across the globe...