Hydra-Tech Pumps

Hydra-Tech Pumps
Hydra-Tech Pumps
When Ken Reim, the founder of Hydra-Tech pumps needed a product that wasn’t available to him to solve a problem for the Peace Corps in Sierra Leone, Africa in 1977, he designed and developed the HT8G and S2, the first power units and pumps sold by Hydra-Tech. This was the beginning of Hydra-Tech Pumps. The company has been designing and building pumping solutions since 1977, giving more than 40 years of experience and expertise.

As a manufacturer of hydraulically driven submersible pumps and hydraulic power units, Hydra-Tech offers high quality, low lifetime cost products for a variety of pumping applications. Their systems are designed to cover the widest range of applications including construction, OEM, municipal, petro-chemical, mining, marine utilities and government customers.

There are several different types of pumps designed and manufactured by Hydra-Tech, including slim line, general purpose, axial flow, sand/slurry, solids handling, and shredder and specialty pumps. Many models are produced in various materials of construction to handle the most difficult job conditions.
Pairing Hydra-Tech’s submersible pumps with their standard line of hydraulic power units insures that your pumping system will operate with maximum performance, efficiency and reliability.

Sand/Slurry (S4CSL and S6CSL) and Sludge/Slurry (S4VHLDI) pumps are popular in Africa and power units to run them.

Hydra-Tech products are hydraulically driven, not electric which is unique in the market place.
With Hydra-Tech Pumps you can expect: No Shock Hazard, Easy setup, No priming pumps, No Suction Hose Failures, Field Serviceability, Pound for Pound Lighter, Stronger and more Efficient Pump than comparable Electric Submersibles

Hydra-Tech also customizes the pumps and power units to provide exactly what the customer needs. Whether it be just a simple color or a custom hydraulic circuit we can provide what the customer needs.





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Hydra-Tech Pumps