Morocco Sets Pace to Ensure its Prospects of Becoming Africa’s Aviation Manufacturing Hub: Fastest Growing Aviation Industry in the World.

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In recent updates, Morocco aims to be a pacesetter in Africa’s aviation industry by ensuring it becomes its manufacturing hub. Despite showing potential and prospects for promising developments, Africa’s aviation industry is still behind. Compared to other continents, Africa is still far back when it comes to matching progress. One key strategy that the continent seeks to implement to unlock its potential is to venture into the aviation manufacturing industry. Morocco aims to construct a modern aviation industry in Casablanca.

Becoming a key manufacturer in the aviation space will ensure that the African continent also has a share in the aviation industry. Currently, Morocco is one of the many countries competing for contracts with major manufacturers. The aim is to speed up production and deliver more planes to meet the demands of various countries. Companies such as Boeing and Airbus, along with their component manufacturers, subcontract design, production, and maintenance to countries. Their scope spans from Mexico to Thailand, and Morocco seeks to be in the bid.

The Significance of Morocco’s Ambition of Becoming Africa’s Aviation Manufacturing Hub

In its efforts to develop the country’s $2 billion-a-year aerospace industry, Morocco has set in stone certain measures. It has implemented various measures such as providing subsidies to the manufacturers of aircraft. Africa’s aviation manufacturing hub seeks to implement a strategy that is intended to support the expansion of Moroccan airlines. This includes partnering up with local aviation enterprises such as state-owned Royal Air Maroc. “The needs are huge and we are in a very good position,” Hamid Abbou, the airline’s CEO told AFP. “Most of the big suppliers in Europe are struggling to get people to work in this industry. We don’t have that issue.” Manufacturers are expanding their search for new locations to build and repair parts. This is due to the increased demand for aviation services, stretching from Eastern Europe to South East Asia.Africa's Aviation Manufacturing Hub

The Contractors Involved in the Improvement of Africa’s Aviation Industry

Various companies across the African continent are interested in seeing the implementation of Africa’s aviation manufacturing hub become an actual reality. This will greatly help in the repair, manufacture, and dissemination of needed aviation components across the continent. For example, Safran Aircraft Engines, a French manufacturer, sends engines for Boeing 737s and Airbus 320s to a repair plant outside of Casablanca. This happens every six to eight years and then sends them back to airlines from countries including Brazil. It also includes countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. The company is among 130 in the sector active in Morocco. This is where parts ranging from wings to fuselages are produced in an industry that employs 42% women. Bringing on board other major aviation companies such as Boeing and Airbus will help facilitate this.

The State of the African Continent Regarding the Implementation of the Project

Once completed, Morocco being Africa’s aviation manufacturing hub will be seen as a destination for affordable labour. The Moroccan government and its aviation industry have collaborated to train skilled workers. The training is currently ongoing at IMA, an institute for aeronautics professionals located in Casablanca. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has predicted an annual 5% growth rate for Africa’s air industry. It has also suggested that Africa will have one of the fastest-growing aviation sectors in the world within the next two decades.

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