New Road to Link Turkana Power Project

Road to Link Turkana Power ProjectThe Kenya National Highways Authority has approved the construction of a 204km road to Lake Turkana Power Project.

The project, which will cost US38million (KSh3.2 billion), is aimed at easing delivery of wind turbines and transformers when construction of the wind power project finally begins.

John Latham, project manager of Civicon, the company that will construct the road said the Northern Kenya area will finally join the rest of the country with the completion of this project as the upgraded road will open up trade, make Marsabit County accessible and allow for other potential investors to set up new businesses. He added that it will also improve security in the region covered by this road network as local authorities will now be able to easily access areas which are currently un-accessible

Latam added that the LTWP will provide 300MW of reliable, low cost wind power to the Kenyan National grid which is equivalent to about 20 percent of the current installed electricity generating capacity at a cost of US$ 892 million (KSh75 billion)


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