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siemens-SWT-2Siemens have revealed their views of the booming South African wind industry and offer a trans-continental view of the future of the business and a foresight into sector developments With over US$3billion of clean energy projects approved and increasing government support, South Africa is billed as 2014’s most exciting onshore wind’s market. However, as with any emerging market, working within South Africa does not come without its challenges.

Siemens’ Head of Sales for Middle East and Africa, Tom Pedersen, spoke candidly with Wind Energy Update about these challenges and what they mean for the industry.

According to Pedersen, one of the biggest challenges is to “meet and marry all the various expectations that the government have”. Pedersen alsocites the combination of local content requirements and skills development as a recurrent issue throughout the onshore community.

Siemens, who have been present in South Africa for around 160 years have a wealth of experience across a number of industries and are no strangers to the strict economic empowerment requirements enforced by the South African government. When pushed for answers on how they address these requirements Pedersen was quick to point out that, “things that are new to most other OEMs we have been doing for a very long time.”

Exposing lucrative opportunities waiting to be filled and providing exclusive insight into the rapidly growing space, the interview with Siemens offers a trans-continental view of South Africa’s future in the wind business and a foresight into sector developments.

The full article discusses Siemens’ challenges, what they are doing to address them and their vision of the future for South African onshore wind. The introductory piece starts a four-part series looking atSouth Africa. Wind Energy Update, the creators of the series will be providing key leader’s opinions on South African onshore wind speaking with investors, developers and the leading African utility Eskom. To download the full Siemens interview, please visit:

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