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Aqua Creations Lighting

Aqua Creations, founded in 1994 is headquartered in Tel-Aviv where all the creative work, design research and manufacturing are completed. Two flagship showrooms, one in New York and the other in Tel-Aviv, are complemented by worldwide distribution and displays by international partners and retailers. Aqua Creations Lighting & Furniture was founded by artist Ayala Serfaty and photographer Albi Serfaty.

Over the years, the pioneering use of handcraft techniques with advanced lighting technology has put Aqua Creations in the forefront of sustainable design and green industry.

Aqua Creations features an extensive array of lighting and furniture lines, completed with site specific, customized solutions.

According to Aqua Creations Lighting Sales and Marketing Team Manager Ian Fyfe currently their company is focusing in Africa and they partnered in South Africa with Pure Light and other interior designers and architects across the continent.

Ian also added that their products are unique in that their lighting and furniture are hand made to order and ensure they meet clients’ specific requirements. They use hand crushed natural silk for their silk lighting collections and have developed a special resin finish that may be applied to offer additional protection against environmental pollutants and humidity.

All Aqua Creations lamps are hand-made to order at their atelier which means they have the ability to make special customizations for client requirements and to work on entirely new designs for specific sites, as well as offering their full range of catalogue collections

They have 16 colors of silk for their silk light collections and offer custom colors for clients. There are also many options for control mechanisms and dimming so they can work with the most sophisticated lighting control system or offer a simple plug and On/Off switch.


Aqua Creations Lighting

Ian Fyfe

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