Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality

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Nelson Mandela Bay metropolitan municipality, with over one million inhabitants, is a leading municipality in energy efficiency in South Africa. It is also the only metropolitan municipality in the world that has been authorized to be named after Nelson Mandela and includes the City of Port Elizabeth and the towns Uitenhage and Despatch.

Long Life characteristics

The solution consists of compact fluorescent lamps from Aura Light combined with luminaries with patented reflector system from Envirolight. The choice fell on Aura Light’s sustainable lighting, mainly because of the Long Life characteristics of the lamps. The long lifetime means that only a third of the replacements have to be done compared to standard products.

Saves 9 million Euros

This gives the Nelson Mandela Bay energy- and maintenance costs savings of on average 600,000 Euros per year over 15 years, which gives a total energy saving of about 9 million Euros. The value of the order is estimated at 2.5 million Euros and includes lamps, luminaries and storage. Apart from being a holiday destination in South Africa’s, Nelson Mandela Bay is also a major industrial area that includes two Ports and is the centre of the automotive manufacturing industry in Africa.