InvenSor GmbH


InvenSor GmbH based in Wittenberg and Berlin is one of the world’s leading companies in the development and production of adsorption chillers in the power range from 5 kW to 200 kW. Chillers from InvenSor produce cold water using heat instead of electricity to drive the system. Typical heat sources include combined heat and power plants, solar thermal systems, and industrial waste heat. The possible applications for cooling are diverse, ranging from data centers, offices, and stores to the cooling of industrial processes. Engineers at the company have succeeded in deploying so-called zeolites in the adsorption machines instead of the usual silica gel. Water is used as an environmentally friendly refrigerant.

InvenSor GmbHThe major advantage of this advanced cooling and air conditioning technology is that it can reduce electricity consumption by up to 70% compared to compression chillers. In addition to the potential energy savings, adsorption chillers stand out for their refrigerant. They use pure water instead of volatile, harmful and high-maintenance refrigerants. The whole system can be operated by virtually anybody, as the chillers are “plug and play” technology.

A lot of buildings and data centers need cooling and there are many solar thermal systems installed which combine perfectly with their HTC (High Temperature Chiller).The system is then called solar cooling with a solar thermal energy source. The HTC is most suitable for the African climate. It works with re-cooling temperatures of over 40°C which makes it absolutely unique among all (thermally driven) adsorption chillers available on the global market.

Ms. Sophie Schieler from InvenSor says “It’s an easy “plug and play” cooling installation. Because a well-planned system is the key to success, we also offer trainings for engineers and technicians in system integration and dimensioning of their products.


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