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MGS stainless

MGS stainless steel fixtures merge Italian luxury and style with the innovative precision of Swiss engineering, Since 1997 MGS has been machining highest-quality stainless steel materials into sleek, functional designs that are becoming an industry standard for structural grace and elegant efficiency.

MGS kitchen and bath collections provide an array of flawless styles and cutting-edge design perfect for setting off the beauty and serenity of the world’s most exclusive homes.

MGS fixtures are polished to a refined finish, creating modern works of art in place of traditional and forgettable kitchen and bath fixtures. Swiss engineering principles provide ultra-smooth operation and unrivaled reliability, while Italian flair is obvious in the fixtures impeccable facades.

According to MGS marketing manager Vittorio Bergossi currently their products are not available in Africa but can be purchased from them directly Vittorio also added that their products being manufactured in solid stainless steel they are also extremely durable for both indoor and outdoor which makes them fit the African climate.

As a boutique manufacturer, MGS is driven by perfectionism, commitment to the highest quality, pride in and passion for the product. Unlike the many competitors MGS has not invested in mass production. Combining Swiss engineering standards with Italian design, the goal is to do things better and to be innovative.

Every single part of their faucets is made of solid stainless steel that is given the final shape with computerized machines. The goal of the very strict quality standards is to combine the parts with infinitesimal precision, which will provide for a perfect assembly and a long lasting smooth and flawless use.


MGS stainless

Vittorio Bergossi

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