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Dortek-the pioneer door brand in turkey

As a pioneer door brand in Turkey, Dortek has become a leading company in door architecture, design and technology since its establishment thanks to...

Precision Storage Vessel-experts in the manufacture of HVAC equipment

Precision Storage Vessel is a specialized manufacturer of HVAC equipment’s that include Tangential Air Separator, Air & Dirt Separator, Chilled Water Buffer Tank, Surge...

Elikham Systems

Elikham Systems is a company that offers sanitation solutions focusing on wastewater treatment and recycling especially in urban centres. They equip buildings with automated wastewater...

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SEPCO is a commercial solar lighting and off grid solar power system manufacturer. Their systems are built to provide off grid lighting to roadways, parking lots, signs, billboards, pathways, bus stops and shelters, warning flashers and remote buildings.

Their off grid solar power is used primarily for cameras and Wi-Fi applications but can also be used for many other applications. Every solar lighting system uses high powered LED light fixtures, but they still have options for CFL, HPS, LPS and Metal Halide lamps if they are required. Their systems are built specifically for each project and provide a custom solution to every application.

According to SEPCO’s Sales and Marketing Liz Karschner currently their company is focusing on Africa and they offer their products and services through their designated agents located in Africa. Liz added that their systems are unique in that they are built with marine grade aluminum to withstand coastal areas with no corrosion. The solar panels backside is also protected by aluminum panel pans and is vandal and theft resistant. Additional vandal hardware can be purchased to add additional protection to every system. The batteries are contained within vented aluminum battery boxes and are mounted directly under the solar panel for shading.

Their Off grid solar power provides power at night when there is no sun and uses the sun during the day to charge a battery bank. The battery bank is what the device runs on at night, or when the power is needed.

Sepco’s small solar power systems provide power for smaller applications or where dusk to dawn lighting is not required. They are comprised of a single solar panel, solar battery assembly, control electronics, and system mounting bracket while the medium solar power systems provide power for a wide range of applications.



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