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DEGERenergie GmbH

Since 1999, DEGERenergie GmbH  have been consistently developing new ideas and concepts for the optimum use of solar energy through solar module tracking. They develop, build, produce, and service intelligent tracking systems for photovoltaic modules. They thus make this technology of the future more efficient and consequently, more economical. In doing so, they systematically minimize product development costs and pass these cost savings on to customers. Despite the constantly changing competitive situation, they therefore create a clear advantage for customers in an increasingly networked global economy.

Many areas like for example former landfills and Brownfield sites are optimally suited for setting up solar parks. The choice of mast lengths offers also perfect dual use options, like for parking, growing plants or having animals there. Solutions for building integration are available as well, widely-used for power self-consumption in industrial, commercial or private applications. With its extensive TOPtracker® and DEGERtracker product range, DEGER offers the best conditions for success. Their single-axis tracking is usually sufficient, depending on the location and application. Here, too, the additional 31 percent yield is an excellent achievement – the DEGER TOPtracker® holds the world record for single-axis systems.

Fixed photovoltaic modules on the roof squander energy and money. Deger have the highly flexible and variable system whose technology is based on the sunflower principle: The solar tree swivels to any point of the compass. With their Maximal Light Detection technology (MLD) which has been successfully used more than fifty thousand times.

The tracking system moves to the ideal position from sunrise to sunset and produces more energy than fixed systems. The advantages include: an average of 45 percent higher energy yield compared to fixed solar modules, less module space required, constant energy production also in the morning and evening, when the demand for energy is at its highest, constant battery charge extends the battery lifetime and more compact battery packs, as approx. 30 percent less battery capacity is required.

Asked of his advice to solar technologies buyers, Peter M. Scherer, Sales Manager says, “Contact us prior to buying to let us do a static calculation of the system according to the local wind load conditions, which is mandatory for all systems we deliver”. He further says that their new single-axis S-series tracker is developed especially for the needs in Africa


DEGERenergie GmbH

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