Dubai`s Drakes and Scull wins Algerian contract

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Drakes and Scull International, mainly based in Dubai, has won a US$ 40 million contract in Algeria.  The company announced  that they will be constructing a mixed-use development in Algiers which is the Central Business District in Algeria. The company will do the civil construction part which is expected to cover an area of about 66,500 square meters.

The company has earned a name for itself by being among the best globally renowned companies in the construction industry.

For a long time now, Algeria has locked out investors who would have otherwise helped in rapid development. Algeria`s population is increasing rapidly and thus the need for more and better housing structures to avert disgruntled citizens.

Algeria has aged infrastructure which requires refurbishment. This is expected to take some time mostly because it has only opened its doors to investors recently. However, with such huge projects, development may take time but it is attainable.