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Enerwhere Ltd

Enerwhere Ltd provides commercial/industrial scale solar-diesel hybrid systems, which reduce the cost of temporary and off-grid power generation by 15-20%. Enerwhere’s modular solar systems scale from 50kW to 5 MW and seamlessly integrate with conventional diesel generators to provide reliable power 24/7, even when the sun doesn’t shine.

Enerwhere’s simple, ballasted system design allows for very rapid setup, doesn’t require any ground penetration, and is inherently theft-proof through the use of specialized “snap-in” rails. Furthermore, due to their unique modular and containerized design, the solar systems are easily transportable and can be scaled up as required, without additional engineering costs.

The ability to deploy these units rapidly makes them inherently suited to temporary power requirements, as they can be re-deployed once a site gets a grid connection. This is facilitated by Enerwhere’s unique range of financing solutions, including lease, rental and per kWh (energy sales) contracts.

Enerwhere serves clients in the construction, mining, oil and gas, real estate, agriculture and tourism sectors in the Middle East and Africa from its headquarters in Dubai. From its logistical hub at Jebel Ali harbor (the region’s largest port), Enerwhere’s systems can be installed anywhere in the Middle East and Africa in under 90 days from purchase order. Enerwhere’s presence in Africa started in Ethiopia and Zimbabwe and will be expanded to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Eritrea, Somaliland and Mozambique in 2014.

Asked of his expert advice to potential clients, Daniel Zywietz, Chief Executive officer, says, “Before buying or renting equipment to reduce their fuel consumption, clients should consider what they are currently paying for and what they really need. For example, many conventional diesel generators are significantly oversized, which reduces efficiency, and increases fuel consumption and costs. Rather than using rough guesstimates to size the equipment, we at Enerwhere analyze each site in detail – based on actually measured load and fuel consumption data – to develop tailored solutions with an optimal efficiency level. Combined with our financing options, this allows clients to reduce their total power costs by 15-20%, without the upfront capital costs typically associated with other solar solutions”.


Enerwhere Ltd.
Daniel Zywietz
[email protected]

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