Tunisia delays Tataouine governorates projects

project funding

Tunisia’s delay in completion of Tataouine governorates projects due to  shortage of skilled labor and specialized research units has seen 116 projects completed while 115 are underway out of 394 since 2012.

Cited reasons for stalling of the 22 public projects progress by the members of the national commission in Tataouine is stakeholder’s desertion of projects, procedural slowness and land situation.

300 MTD (US$188.5 million) had been allocated for the 394 projects with 20 MTD (US $12.5 million) for the suspended projects.

Some of the projects are liquid petroleum gas , a cement plant that will create 1500  job opportunities,  micro projects that will influence the livelihood of both youth and women, mobilization of partners through Office de Develppment du Sud (O.DS) a platform for stakeholders among others.


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