Liberia’s Tubman University to Build U.S. $13 Million Latex Plant

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The Tubman University (TU) in Harper, Maryland County Liberia is planning to construct a US$13 million latex processing plant in Harper.

Tubman University’s President Elizabeth Davis-Russell said currently they only need US$4 million of the total amount for the project to begin.

“The program is at a point now where we are looking for investors in order to start the project, which is a crucial national initiative that will change the national narrative in critical sectors,” she noted.

The plant will be operated by students from the college who will be turning raw rubber materials into high quality finished products such as gloves and condoms.

Davis-Russell added that the plant project is a demonstration of the Institution’s commitment to creating job opportunities for graduates, while teaching students the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and creative thinking to become masters of their own destinies.

Liberia has been in the natural rubber business since 1890, and currently they exports raw materials and imports the finished products, and the project will reduce the number of rubber exports by creating finished products out of it.

Located in Harper, Maryland County, The William V. S. Tubman University (TU) is the second government-run institution of higher learning.

It was established in 1978 as the William V. S. Tubman College of Science and Technology, but later attained university status in 2009″.