Southern Africa urged to embrace integration of green energy

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Ayanda Nakedi the Head of Eskom renewable initiative noted that the main challenges that Southern Africa countries face in this move are proper regulations, integration of green energy, trade and lack of finances.

Southern Africa countries have been called upon to have a joint electricity connection for households and industries. This was proposed during the just concluded African Utility week in Cape Town South Africa.

Mongezi Ntsokolo who is the Executive for ESKOM transmission development group noted that it would be really good if a population of 260 million people in Southern Africa can be able to access the integrated electricity grid between 2020 and 2030.

According to Ntsokolo, 86% of South African population currently has access to electricity and interconnectedness will ensure that more countries get fast electricity connections thus increasing the number of people using it.

Speaking at the gathering of power and water professionals 30 of whom were from Africa, International Electro technical Commission (IEC) secretary general and CEO Frans Vreeswijk said that corporation by East African power pools is a positive way to begin and it is good that they have formed a grid code that has international standards.