Ghana’s Bui Hydro Power Dam partially shuts down two of its three turbines

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Ghana’s Bui Hydro Power Dam has partially shut down two of its three turbines due to low water levels.

According to the Bui Power Authority, the 400MW plant is currently experiencing low inflow which has forced them to halt active generation. The authority is optimistic that in July, August and September there will be adequate inflow to the reservoir, which will lead to high generation capacity.

Wombila Salifu, External and Community Relations Manager of Bui Power Authority said, the dam is at present producing 50 vars of reactive power, by means of air and single turbine, considered a panacea for low system voltage, expected to boost the northern part of the country with the transmission network requirement of 161KW.

The generation shortage from Bui has forced the Electricity Company of Ghana to cut power supply to households. In response to inadequate electricity generation, the Volta River Authority provides 75% of the country’s demand. Bui dam generates about 1/3 of VRA’s production and a net average annual energy production of 1000gigawatts hour/year (GWh/yr) and has a maximum water level of 183m above sea level (ASL) and a minimum operating level of 168m (ASL).

Sinohydro Corporation of China constructed the hydro dam at the Black Volta River in the north-western region at a cost of US$622m. Recently, there were reports that dwindling water levels at Bui Dam threatened power supply in Ghana.