Bluesea Energy to set up wind power plant in Kenya

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Bluesea Energy is making plans to enter into the alternative energy market in Kenya. The company seeks to generate power and connect to the national grid at Ntumburi Meru County, and produce 40-megawatt of wind power.

Kenyan laws require that a company is to publish their intentions for applying for a license in two major national newspapers, 15 days before the application in order to engage the public for any objections that may arise due to the application.

Bluesea Energy aims to produce a total of 200MW of wind power, of which 100MW will be produced by the plant in the Meru/Isiolo area, and an additional 100Mw from the Lambwe Valley in South Nyanza by 2017.

Other companies in this sector include Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen), Aeolus Kenya, and Prunus Energy.
Bluesea Energy Ltd has so far invested US$100m in various wind projects that include a 40MW plant in Isiolo, 7MW plant in Belgut in Rift Valley Province, and 60MW plant in Lambwe Valley.

Kenya is perusing other sources of energy apart from hydro to boost the energy output from the National grid. Lake Turkana Wind Power project is expected to produce a total of 300MW of clean energy once complete. It is one of the mega wind power projects in the region at a cost of US$870m.