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Ghana’s prefos set to install street lighting

Electricity service and infrastructure producing Company Prefos Ghana Limited is set to produce 500 streets lights a day after its completion of installation of its factory equipment.

Prefow got the contract to install streetlights for all cities and urban areas in Ghana in order to achieve the government’s agenda to beautify cities and towns and also provide adequate security for communities.

According to Mr Emmanuel Armah-Kofi Buah Minister of Energy and Petroleum during the inspection tour of the company, the government will support local industries willing and prepared to move into value addition, and more especially those manufacturing for export and sited in rural areas of the country.

The Minister applauded the initiative of the company to involve other youths from Ghana in training programs which would help them with skills to become self-employed and contribute to national development.

The company will also help equip youths with skills for designing and building solar panels and simple inverters. These will be installed to power streetlights especially in areas far away from urban centers where people are not yet connected to the national grid.


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